July 13, 2017

The Game

Grybith is a text-based adventure game that is still under active development. It can be played through the browser via a pythonanywhere gist

If you are on windows, you can download the game here. I recommend this as it will provide a much better experience over the gist. I am currently working on an executable for linux and mac.


The Commands


The game was designed to be flexible with its commands, for example if the player wants to go north, they can type something as simple as “n”, or they can type something as complex as “I run quickly northwards.” The commands given in this document aren’t comprehensivel often times there are more ways to do something than are given here.


Items can be found within the game by using a command with “search”, “look”, “examine”, or “look around.”

Take items using “take + item” Note that you don’t have to type the full name of the item if it is on the ground. For example, if you find “Adepta Sororitas power armour”, typing “take power armour”, or “take armour” will work.

Taking an item will automatically equip it into its proper spot. However, if you want to use a different piece of equipment the “use + item” or “equip + item” command will move the current weapon or armour to your inventory, and equip the one you specified.

Healing items, such as medpacks, will increase your current health, up to your maximum health. They can be taken the same as any item, and then used with any command with “medpack” in it.

Ammo can be taken with a fairly wide variety of commands, the simplest is “take ammo”

And, of course, you can take all items in a room with a command like “take all” Note: Make sure that the weapon and armour you want to use is equipped after using this command.


You can see your items using “inventory” / “items”

You can print out the enemies in a room with “enemies”

You can print the room’s description with “desc”


Combat commands are very straight forward

You can attack using a wide variety of verbs followed by what you want to attack. For example: “Shoot gretchin”

Melee weapons can’t be used unless you get into range first. You can do this with the “charge” command.

You can switch weapons or armours in the middle of a fight, you can also use healing items.


None of the quests / objectives in this game are time limited, if something seems too hard for you, come back later when you are better equipped.

Melee weapons leave you vulnerable for the first turn, and using one generally means you will take some damage while you charge. However, they don’t use any ammunition

You can always retreat from a fight by going back the way you came. Though, you won’t be able to proceed through a room until you have neutralized all the enemies within it.